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Every child is unique, they possess their own learning and grasping power. But one thing that is common among all is the curiosity to discover new things. Learning can turn into a lot more fun when it is taken outside four-walled room — English language learning for a multilingual child is no different.

Research has shown that children begin to understand language ever since they are born and try to grasp every expression they come across. Their learning ability increases when they are exposed to intriguing and challenging activities.

Very little we knew, introducing oneself with correct body language is a daunting task. But introducing this task as an activity would help a child at developing one’s verbal skill. Taking this to another level, it is important to introduce vocabulary building through Physical Association; this helps at being aware of one’s physical self and surrounding, especially when frequent clapping, physical movement and postures are actively involved.

To mention a few activities as an example:  a teacher can expose the students to an open playground and ask them to stand in a straight line, leaving the space of their arm length between them. Another game that is quite common among parents and teachers is “touch your nose”, where a child is expected to touch every object that has been commanded to them.

As we have seen above how to inculcate language learning ability in a child through various activities — this process of learning can be taken to another level to understand the complex sentence making, efficient language and grammar usage.

You can uncover many such different games about how to bring positive change to the regular learning process for children with our book, “Let’s Play English: Activities for Language Teaching” by Mr. Braj Mohan.

Book Title: Let’s Play English: Activities for Language Teaching

ISBN: 9789386385529

Author: Braj Mohan

Publisher: Viva Books Private Limited

Price: Rs. 295.00

Book Review (HT City): Healing The Future

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Book Review: Healing the Future

The newest version of Healing the Future manages to impress from the word go. The rewritten content delivers content on a much higher level than the previous version.Author Deepak Kashyap explains the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads with such intelligence, going through every layer, and showing just how deeply linked they are to modern day Quantum mechanics, mind-matter unity, parapsychology and the probabilistic nature of the world.

The book also draws parallels with our daily life through this Yoga classic.One can easily say, that if there is even a spark of spirituality inside you, the book will definitely make it grow into a full-fledged fire. It is not only spirituality that the book focusses on, but also serves as a self-help guide, which at times reflects the teachings that the author received from his Guru.

What the book does, more than anything, is that it helps one find themselves in the mundane clamour of daily life and aids them into becoming the best version of themselves (or at least guides them on the path for it). The easy and smart writing will not bore the readers and might just prove to be a journey that they wished to take all along, but couldn’t due to some reason. All in all, this one is a must read and is recommended for anyone with a spiritual bend.

Title: Healing  The Future- The Journey Within
ISBN:9789386385406 (Paperback)
Author: Deepak Kashyap
Publisher: Viva Books
Price: Rs 525.00

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Let’s Bring Back the Science of Healing Our Spirit

Healing the Future - The Journey Within-2    Healing the Future - The Journey Within-1

In today’s instant-fix generation, we have been depending on temporary solutions to our health problems — this is turning out to be an alarming situation.  Has any of us ever thought about how the psychological and spiritual wellbeing influences our physical health?

In Sanskrit, yoga means “union”, a union between mind, body, and spirit. Hence vedics have described a deep relationship between them. The Romans had simplified it with the motto “Healthy mind with healthy body”. The art and science of healing the body spiritually were widely practiced and most celebrated lifestyle in ancient times. Today, millennial are well acquainted with yoga know of it only as a fitness regime, and its life-changing powerful elements have been sidelined.

Yoga is widely practiced in form of asana or the postures. This is later taken to the other level of exploring the one’s body through meditation, which helps a person to become a positive receiver. At this point, Reiki steps in to nourish one’s spirit. Reiki is a Japanese energy modality in which the practitioner lays his or her hands on, or above, areas of the body to aid in healing.

A very interesting study was made by a Hungarian doctor Vigh Bela, on how the nervous system was influenced by yoga exercises. He came to a conclusion that certain asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing) were connected with certain internal organs, endocrine glands, and psychological states.

One of our authors, Mr. Deepak Kashyap, a yoga researcher and reiki master has tried narrating us about the art of healing our spirit through his book ‘Healing the Future’ and how we can benefit from it.

You can grab your copy on the link below.

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Celebrating the Best Book series Award

Viva Education’s What’s What general knowledge series won the Best Book Series Award for design and production at the annual conference of the Federation of Educational Publishers in India. Here are some snaps taken when the creative, editorial and production team got together with the management to celebrate the occasion.

New Delhi World Book Fair 2016


New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) held for the past 41 years, is now a major calendar event in the publishing world. The Fair is organized by National Book Trust, India, an apex body of the Government of India.

VIVA BOOKS cordially invites you to visit our stalls in

Hall No. 11 Stall Nos. 169-180
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9th to 17th January 2016
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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