Meet the Authors of the ‘Did You Know’ Series

Did You Know series are four books which explain several interesting facts around us that normally go unnoticed but have a bearing on our day-to-day life. We had a chance to interview the authors of these series – Dr. Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh and Dr. Moumita Das. Here are a few excerpts from our conversation with them.


A brief gist—‘How to Study and Succeed’— authored by Mukhopadhyay Suvasish

In this digital-savvy universe, young minds represent the world of professionalism. Everyone is in a rush to climb the ladder of victory. But only a few know that to reach the end of the road to success you don’t need to run but walk with an intelligent mind. Mukhopadhyay Suvasish, Indian author and civil engineer unearths... Continue Reading →

Sitara Devi, the Kathak Queen

Born to a kathak dancer and Sanskrit scholar father, Sitara Devi had the art of dancing running in her blood. She was a legendary dancer, described by Rabindranath Tagore as ‘Nritya Samragini’ at an early age of sixteen. She was born in Kolkata on 8 November 1920, on the day of Dhanteras, which marks the... Continue Reading →

Workshop on Enhancement in Science Teaching conducted by renowned science resource person Dr. SK Jain and Dr. Shailesh K Jain.

ounViva Education organized a workshop on "Enhancement in Science Teaching" conducted by Dr. SK Jain and Dr. Shailesh K Jain, held in Middleton Chamber, Kolkata. The workshop was held for science teachers of ISCE and CBSE board, around 160 teachers from 75 schools in Kolkata and near-by areas attended the workshop.  Content shared in the workshop was... Continue Reading →

A Glint of a Viv-awesome Diwali

In the heart of a digital-savvy world, where fingers have become pens and hundreds and thousands of books are at your pleasure just a click away, is a yet another world: A small lot with a lot of love for the magic called books – books reign in their paradise! Their collection finds place not... Continue Reading →

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