Diwali Craft for Kids: Rangoli

Over the years, it has become a tradition in every household. There are many ways to make rangolis, including using flower petals, stones, rice, pulses, or rangoli colours. This step-by-step tutorial shows how to make an easy and fun rangoli for kids by using tools you probably already have at home.

Diwali Craft for Kids: Diya Decoration

The most beautiful and auspicious festival is around the corner. And Diyas play an important role in the celebrations of this five-day-long festival. We've got a DIY Diya decor idea that kids will love to make this festive season. Wear your creative hats and use your craft arsenal to create awesome Diyas to decorate your home.

The Importance of Writing Skills

Do you know a hundred-word paragraph can be articulated in just one sentence? Possessing crisp writing skills help one convey their intent clearly in minimum words. Well-rounded writing skills help in various spheres of life- student life, personal life, and professional life.

10 Revision Tips for Success in Board Exams

The corona pandemic has played havoc in the lives of everyone. It has destroyed economies, stopped people from socialising and engulfed everyone with the dread of catching the virus. Students have been heavily impacted by Corona. Months of lockdown have led the schools to launch online classes instead of physical classes to keep the virus at bay. Loss of actual study days has forced all boards to reduce the syllabus.

Cultural and Business Etiquette Around the World

Most people and businesses have tie-ups or negotiations with other businesses abroad to expand their profits and it becomes imperative to assimilate with the different cultures that the host countries offer. Knowing how to greet the host country’s counterparts, negotiate with them, break bread with them and understand their unique set of customs may be a challenge but once understood, it is a cakewalk in consolidating  relations.

Online Education for Kids: Pros and Cons

In the midst of all this, education suffered the most. Schools, colleges and education institutions opted for online classes, which is still a very new concept to most of us and not very much embedded in our culture, like the west. This whole situation has pushed our education system one step ahead.

Less Scrolling, More Living – Break from Social Media

Today social media is used by members of every generation. We can go hours scrolling on our phones without realising how quickly time flies. It is now a common sight in public transport to see everyone immersed in their phones – and those who are not active on their own phones are busy checking out someone else’s screen! Being socially active is in vogue these days and you can easily be considered an outcast if you are not up to date with the latest meme or troll.

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