Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Leader

We can all become leaders – we just need to exercise the right discipline, integrity, communication and team-building skills. We hope you effectively cultivate yourself as a leader and reach the zenith of success.


Delicious Keto Recipes – An Excerpt

Delicious Keto Recipes: A Guide for Caregivers, this book on dietary therapies to Boost Brain Health gives practical aspects of making dishes according to Indian recipes. The ingredients suggested in these recipes are common and easily available in market. This book is not only for experienced (trained) dieticians but also for other health professionals including doctors, nurses and anyone in the care of a person with epilepsy, obesity, gluten sensitivity/celiac disease, dementia and many such conditions which benefit from ketogenic/modified Atkins/low glycemic index diet.

Understanding and Overcoming Learning Disabilities in Children

Learning disabilities are disorders that affect one's ability in the areas of spoken or written language, listening, speaking, attention, reasoning and the coordination of movements. They can occur in young children but are usually not identified until they begin school. Identifying and understanding different learning disabilities will help parents provide effective treatment to their children... Continue Reading →

World Book and Copyright Day

Do you remember the days when your parent used to narrate a story to you from your favourite book? The  captivating tales and poems would take you to your own world of fiction and imagination. The beauty of words made our childhood so much fun. Books have been a part of human lives for  a... Continue Reading →

How Fit is Your Mind?

In today’s fast-paced world, people are racing towards competition rather than perfection.  Human minds have been replaced by Google. Screens have taken the place of books. People tend to focus on earning money while risking their health, filling their pockets with pressure and anxiety. M.K. Gandhi rightly said  ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.’

Mediating Islam and Modernity – An Excerpt

An effort in mediating Islam and modernity, and reconciling traditionalism with modernism, this book—building on, and blending, the scholarship of past and present—brings together some major themes and issues of diverse nature (from educational and religious to political and contemporary issues) as propounded and promoted by Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Iqbal, and Abul Kalam Azad—the three pioneering and prominent South Asian modernist/reformist thinkers—within the broader context, and reveals their contemporary relevance.

Tips and Hacks to Excel in Your Exams

Exam jitters often cause students a lot of stress. The trick is to be prepared in advance and organize subject-wise revisions at regular intervals. Correct note making, revision and learning the right attempt to deal with the question papers instill dollops of confidence in the students.

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