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Education is a basic right, and so should be quality education. For over 25 years, Viva Group has been providing world-class educational content with an unwavering commitment to nurturing learned, socially responsible and successful global citizens. Awareness is increasing about the crucial role of value-driven education and the need for quality and authenticity. This gives us the opportunity to present an overview of our relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Viva Books is a leading publisher and distributor of English-language books in India. Our products include books on management, science, engineering, social sciences, humanities, literature and languages. 

We have been established for over a decade and a half and have since grown steadily but swiftly as the largest organisation in the country. Our headquarters is in the capital city Delhi. We have fully functional branch offices in all major metropolitan cities of India and the network spreads all over the country. All the office premises are owned by us and are fully equipped with the  latest communication and operational facilities. We employ over 150 professionally trained and experienced staff. Each establishment is headed by highly qualified personnel. Over the years we have attained and achieved excellent trade reputation in both domestic and international markets.

We have exclusive distribution/ representation arrangements with almost hundred international publishers. A complete list of British, American and Australian publishers with whom we are partnering or have business tie-ups is attached for your perusal.

We also publish educational books for children of various ages, from pre-primary to high school, under the imprint Viva Education. Viva Education is an independent unit within the Viva Group and has its own editorial, marketing and sales teams. Our school book authors are highly-qualified educationists and all pre-press work is done by an in-house team of illustrators, designers, and typesetters. Viva Education sales network covers the entire country reaching the remotest of schools in interior and small town India.

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