Dealing With Difficult People


“Suitable for anyone who has to deal with difficult colleagues or the public. It will help you to enjoy difficult people: unlock them, influence them and improve their performance.” 
Business Executive

“The essential guide to coping with people problems. Packed with hints, tips and warnings of potential hazards.” 
OS Magazine

Moaners, fault finders, manipulators – these are just a few examples of the difficult people we put up with at work. However by understanding their motives and individual behaviours you can learn to manage aggression, avoid awkward situations and keep your cool. In this second edition of the best-selling Dealing with Difficult People, Roy Lilley covers every angle, including:

• what conflict is and how to handle it
• coping with aggressive people
• motivating lazy colleagues
• dealing with difficult customers
• handling complaints
• beating bullies at their own game

Now including a brand new chapter on dealing with difficult people on social networks, it provides the tools and techniques you need to get the best out of the worst.

About the author Roy Lilley is an established writer, broadcaster and commentator on health and social issues, speaking at conferences and seminars throughout the UK and overseas. He regularly contributes to The Today Programme, Newsnight, the Midnight Hour, BBC News 24, and BBC Radio Five Live.

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Worship of the Divine Mother


Hinduism is the only major religion in the world which emphasises the worship of God in the form of the female divinity, popularly known as ‘Adi Shakti – the Mother Goddess’, representing the very essence of life and love. The Mother Goddess is worshipped in various forms – as the Universal Mother, Uma/Parvati/Gauri as the consort of Shiva; Lakshmi as the consort of Vishnu and also as the goddess of wealth and prosperity; Saraswati as the consort of Brahma and also as the goddess of learning; Durga as the destroyer of all evil forces, etc. There are also traditions of worshipping the various manifestations of the Mother Goddess in groups – Nava Durga, Asta Lakshmi, Sapta Matrikas, Asta Siddhis, Dasha Maha Vidya, etc.

Apart from these popular forms, the Devi manifests in many dimensions – as Kaali, the purveyor of time, representing Kriya Shakti – the power of Action; as Lalita, the beautiful goddess of the three worlds, representing Jnana Shakti – the power of knowledge; as Bhuvaneswari, the Queen of the Universe, representing Iccha Shakti – the power of Desire; as Maha Maya – the great seductress, as Moola Prakriti – the primordial nature, etc. Again as ‘Nature’ she represents both its benign and ferocious aspects – in her ‘Saumya’ and ‘Raudra’ forms. In villages throughout India, She is also worshipped as the ‘Grama-Devata’ – the village protector.

All this has led to the development of a rich and complex theology around the female divinity (Goddess as the highest principle, underlying all creation). Shaaktism considers Shakti as the motive force behind all action and existence in this phenomenal world. Shaakta Sidhanta encompasses nearly a wide variety of views and beliefs, some of them involving the highest forms of philosophical speculation. This book presents a bird’s eye view of all these issues in order to give the reader a general understanding about Adi Shakti – the Mother Goddess.

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Publishing Essentials


how to market booksHow To Market Books

How to Market Books has for many years been the place to turn for professionals in an industry charged with maximizing revenues and minimizing costs. In recent years the selling and marketing of books has come under more and more pressure. The industry has become dominated by the larger chains, new channels to market, and new players such as supermarkets. This book provides answers for the publishing professional whose job it is to market and sell books in today’s increasingly competitive bookselling environment
Whether you are a marketing or sales director, manager or executive, How to Market Books shows you best-practice ways to maximize marketing’s return on investment and deliver top-line growth for your publishing company. For all publishing staff, whatever their area of responsibility, for authors, booksellers, librarians and academics teaching publishing and related subjects, it is vital background reading.

Key content includes:

  • The different types of promotional format
  • Writing effective copy and the layout of marketing materials
  • Direct marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Successful PR and the media
  • Advertising, promotions and events
  • The marketing budget and low cost “guerrilla” marketing

Author: Alison Baverstock began her career in publishing and now runs a marketing consultancy. She is also a Senior Lecturer within the Business School of Kingston University, where she helped set up the MA in Publishing Studies.

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guide to publishingThe Professionals’ Guide To Publishing

As the publishing industry continues to grow and diversify, it offers a multitude of exciting career opportunities; from working closely with authors on the development of the manuscript, creating new and engaging ways of marketing books, to managing global supply chains and distribution. However, competition for jobs can be fierce, so having a thorough understanding of the sector and where your skills are best placed is crucial.

In The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing, Gill Davies and Richard Balkwill provide a clear overview of the publishing industry and its many fuctions. Detailing the role of each department, their responsibilities and the key skills required to carry out these jobs successfully, they also explain how these departments work across functions. Giving a thorough grounding in how publishing works including information on contracts, permissions and the legal framework, they also examine current and enduring trends in publishing, including networking, supply chains and e-publishing.

The book will prove an invaluable resource to those studying publishing at postgraduate level as well as new entrants to the profession.

Authors: Gill Davies worked for 26 years as an academic publisher and became the leading publisher in her field. Richard Balkwill set up Copytrain in 1992, offering training and copyright consultancies to publishers, as well as undertaking writing commissions.

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getting your book publishedGetting Your Book Published

So you’ve got an idea for a book. A brilliant idea. Maybe you’ve written part or all of it already. Whether it’s a concept or a completed manuscript, you’re probably burning with the desire to get it published. But which publisher should you approach? Do you need an agent? What do you send? What makes a proposal irresistible? And how do you convince a publisher to offer you that elusive publishing contract?This is the book to answer to all these questions — and many more. It will reveal:

  • How publishers operate and what influences them
  • How to choose a publisher or agent
  • How to make you and your book instantly more
  • appealing how to create a brilliant submission
  • How to negotiate a good deal

Author: Rachael Stock has combined her own extensive commissioning experience with insights from other editors, agents and authors to deliver a wealth of vital insider know-how that will give you the best possible chance of getting your book into print and onto the shelves.

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Bookmaking is the introduction to editing, design, and production for newcomers, acclaimed as the premier text for students as well as a comprehensive reference for experienced hands. First issued in 1965 and revised in 1979, it has now been throughly reorganized and updated to reflect the profound changes in the bookmaking process and in publishing practices in the twenty-first century.

The computer-centered method of getting from the author’s conception to completed print-or electronic-book has come to dominate publishing involving not only the setting of type but also the preparation of manuscripts, editing, illustration creation and processing page makeup, color separation, and preparation for printing. Even more significant than its use for these individual procedures is the computer’s role in creating an integrated system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Covering all of the publishing processes up to distribution, Bookmaking addresses the needs of publishing professionals, whether they do the work themselves in-house or have it done to their specifications by outside suppliers. The Third Edition is not about technological change only; all aspect of bookmaking have been reconsidered.

Author: Marshall Lee, a book designer and producer of international co-editions, lives in New York.

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The Pronunciation of English


This course book covers all aspects of English pronunciation including consonants, vowels, word stress, and features of connected speech such as rhythm, prominence and intonation. The description of the various features is clear and factual with several examples, which the learners can listen to on the audio CD. The different types of exercises at the end of each unit in a chapter give the learners both listening and speaking practice and also help in understanding the principles of English pronunciation. The chapters begin with a preview and end with a summary to facilitate systematic learning. The book also has a glossary of specialized terms, a list of books and online sources for further study and an answer key.

Special features of the book:
Separate and highlighted presentation of:

  • the important differences between British and American pronunciation with examples spoken by British and American speakers on the audio CD
  • the characteristic features of Indian pronunciation
  • crucial points about English pronunciation that learners should remember in pronunciation practice
  • information on useful technical terms and distinctions in Phonetics and Phonology

A unique feature of the book is the presentation of jokes, fables and passages of general interest at the end of every chapter, each read by three speakers – British, American, and Indian – which show how specific features of pronunciation are used in the context of a meaningful self-contained text and also how British, American and Indian pronunciations differ.

About the Author: M.A.Yadugiri, formerly Professor of English, Bangalore University, has a Ph.D. in Linguistics-Stylistics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She has taught postgraduate courses on Modern Linguistics, Modern English Structure and Usage and Stylistics in Bangalore University for more than 20 years and has guided several M.Phil. and Ph.D. students in the areas of English Linguistics, English for Specific Purposes and Stylistics.

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