Quiz competition organized by Viva Education in Bhashyam School, Guntur.

Viva Education organized a GK based quiz competition in Bhashyam School, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh on November 15, 2017. Awesome quizzing by Quiz Master Mr. Amir Mehboob. 


A Day to Remember — 14th November: A Turning Point in Raghu’s Life

14 November was a regular day in Raghu’s life, who studied in Class 5. Lazy Raghu, who disliked going to school, started his day with a glass of milk and some almonds. His mother dressed him in a clean white uniform with neatly polished white shoes. He fought with his mother as usual when she... Continue Reading →

A Glint of a Viv-awesome Diwali

In the heart of a digital-savvy world, where fingers have become pens and hundreds and thousands of books are at your pleasure just a click away, is a yet another world: A small lot with a lot of love for the magic called books – books reign in their paradise! Their collection finds place not... Continue Reading →

Fascinating World of Mathematics

“Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth but also supreme beauty ­– a beauty cold and austere.” — Bertrand Russell, 20th century British mathematician and philosopher In the history of mathematics, Stefan Banach’s name is irreplaceable. The originator of Theory of Linear Operations, Banach once said, ‘Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation... Continue Reading →

जशन ऐ मोहब्बत

सूरज के कदम संध्या की ओर बढ़ रहे थे ।  गुनगुनी धूप अन्धकार में तबदील होती दिख रही थी।  रात की ख़ामोशी सूखे पत्तियों से लिपटी रात की रानी की तरह  नीले आसमान का मुकुट सजाए लज्जापूर्वक चंद्रमा को देख रही थी।  ऐसा लग रहा था मानो कोई शायर अपनी नज़्म शब्दो में साँझ रहा हो।  उस... Continue Reading →

Language Activities for Better Learning

Every child is unique, they possess their own learning and grasping power. But one thing that is common among all is the curiosity to discover new things. Learning can turn into a lot more fun when it is taken outside four-walled room — English language learning for a multilingual child is no different. Research has... Continue Reading →

Book Review (HT City): Healing The Future

We thought you might not want to miss out on this feed. Happy Reading! The newest version of Healing the Future manages to impress from the word go. The rewritten content delivers content on a much higher level than the previous version.Author Deepak Kashyap explains the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads with such intelligence, going... Continue Reading →

Let’s Bring Back the Science of Healing Our Spirit

    In today’s instant-fix generation, we have been depending on temporary solutions to our health problems — this is turning out to be an alarming situation.  Has any of us ever thought about how the psychological and spiritual wellbeing influences our physical health? In Sanskrit, yoga means “union”, a union between mind, body, and... Continue Reading →

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