War of books: E-books v/s Print books Where are we heading?

India is counted among the top seven publishing nations in the world. It ranks third in English language publishing. India’s print market presently produces 90,000 new books a year in 24 languages. It is serving around 1.28 billion customers. However, recent changes in the business setup have raised questions regarding the sustainability of traditional publishing houses.

Ballots, Bullets and Bhikkus by S. Y. Surendra Kumar (Book Excerpt)

The book makes an attempt to analyse the Buddhist Sangha’s role in Sri Lankan politics and ethnic conflict. The Sangha’s role and growth before 1983 is also discussed in detail, as it laid the foundation for the Sangha to emerge as a potent force in Sri Lanka’s politics and played a vital role in the culmination of the ethnic conflict. This book is useful for college/university teachers, research scholars and students working on linkages between Buddhism, politics and ethnic violence in Sri Lanka.

We Just Rediscovered Books!

Books have been among us for a long time. For a really long time books have probably been the most discernible medium through which exposure, knowledge, recreation, imagination and perhaps more happened. Language and script instantaneously gratified our inherent urge to record, share and propound. ‘The written word’ did not always exist in the form of books though. In the fifteenth century we left the manuscript for the printed book.

Book Review (Business Manager): Knowledge Management by A.B. Kar

At this juncture of progress and prosperity in the world, there is hardly any scope to adhere to stereotyped ideas in respect of technology, techniques, systems and procedures. The bottom line is to survive on global competition with all-round innovation, incubation and inclusion. Knowledge management has a major role in this. Here, this book by A.B. Kar captures the relevance.

Meet the Authors of the ‘Did You Know’ Series

Did You Know series are four books which explain several interesting facts around us that normally go unnoticed but have a bearing on our day-to-day life. We had a chance to interview the authors of these series – Dr. Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh and Dr. Moumita Das. Here are a few excerpts from our conversation with them.

Practical Wisdom 1 & 2

Practical Wisdom 1 & 2 by Kochouseph Chittilappilly reviewed in the Business Manager Magazine, July 2013 issue. To read review in browser please visit  Business Manager For detailed contents and to buy the book please visit Practical Wisdom 1 & Practical Wisdom 2,  and avail 10% Discount with free Postage. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter

Publishing Essentials

How To Market Books How to Market Books has for many years been the place to turn for professionals in an industry charged with maximizing revenues and minimizing costs. In recent years the selling and marketing of books has come under more and more pressure. The industry has become dominated by the larger chains, new... Continue Reading →

Detoxify Your Way to Health and Happiness

The modern way of life has made our bodiless big reservoirs of toxic junk. Researches have proved that toxin accumulation in the body is the single major cause of arthritis, allergies, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Toxins create skin problems and make us prematurely old. All this happens when we forget the way our body... Continue Reading →

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