Ensure exam success with Success Plus !!

Effective exam preparation requires quality practice material customised to both the curriculum and the current assessment guidelines. Users of Success Plus English Language and Literature – whether they are students or teachers – have in their hands a powerful toolkit of language-skill builders and meticulously planned exam practice material.

The Second Exile: An English Translation of Kaifi Azmi’s Doosra Banbas – An Excerpt

Musings are not poetry. Poetry is a vaster and deeper art. It is like an ocean, sometimes restless and sometimes silent. The poet creates a storm in this ocean. He has his own purpose too. Sometimes he wishes to change the order of the entire world totally and sometimes he wants to live in his own utopia, the paradise... Continue Reading →

Did You Know? 5 – An Excerpt

The one-billionth Indian child was born on 11 May 2000. A 700-year-old banyan tree was given a drip to rejuvenate it. You can sell refrigerators to Eskimos. Volkswagen sold more sausages than cars in 2015. Amazon.com was previously known as Cadabra.com Russia built a computer that ran on water. Did You Know? 5, yet another book in the series of Did You Know, is here with lots of amazing and fascinating facts that generally are unrecognized. This book will ignite the curiosity in the minds of readers, investigate the phenomena and inspire them to be creative and innovative.

Mediating Islam and Modernity – An Excerpt

An effort in mediating Islam and modernity, and reconciling traditionalism with modernism, this book—building on, and blending, the scholarship of past and present—brings together some major themes and issues of diverse nature (from educational and religious to political and contemporary issues) as propounded and promoted by Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Iqbal, and Abul Kalam Azad—the three pioneering and prominent South Asian modernist/reformist thinkers—within the broader context, and reveals their contemporary relevance.

Book Lovers Day — Celebrate Your Love for Books

Love is not a scientific concept; it’s an emotion which makes an individual smile unreasonably. It’s a feeling which changes things around you. Love is difficult to explain but it can be felt deeply. Nothing feels better when you have a partner which expects nothing from you, but gives freely. You can take your partner wherever you go, it can even fit in your tiny bag. You are never alone when you have your partner. Yes, you guessed it . . . no expectations, no demand – books only give us pleasure which is incomparable. If you have not yet experienced this beautiful relationship, then start reading today as it is Book Lovers Day. Pick up that book from the author you have longed to read, but were not able to because of your busy schedule.

Viva Books: A Profile

Viva Group is a key player in education, book publishing, and distribution in South Asia. Viva Group consists of these brands and imprints: Viva Books, Viva Education, Source Books, Kogan Page India and Jones & Bartlett India. The organization celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015.

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