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Effective exam preparation requires quality practice material customised to both the curriculum and the current assessment guidelines. Users of Success Plus English Language and Literature – whether they are students or teachers – have in their hands a powerful toolkit of language-skill builders and meticulously planned exam practice material.

The Second Exile: An English Translation of Kaifi Azmi’s Doosra Banbas – An Excerpt

Musings are not poetry. Poetry is a vaster and deeper art. It is like an ocean, sometimes restless and sometimes silent. The poet creates a storm in this ocean. He has his own purpose too. Sometimes he wishes to change the order of the entire world totally and sometimes he wants to live in his own utopia, the paradise... Continue Reading →

Ballots, Bullets and Bhikkus by S. Y. Surendra Kumar (Book Excerpt)

The book makes an attempt to analyse the Buddhist Sangha’s role in Sri Lankan politics and ethnic conflict. The Sangha’s role and growth before 1983 is also discussed in detail, as it laid the foundation for the Sangha to emerge as a potent force in Sri Lanka’s politics and played a vital role in the culmination of the ethnic conflict. This book is useful for college/university teachers, research scholars and students working on linkages between Buddhism, politics and ethnic violence in Sri Lanka.

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