How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is an inescapable activity; you need to write different things at different stages of your life: assignments, theses, notes, invitations, business letters, business emails, projects, presentations, even chatting. Everything requires you to write effectively with the intent to communicate clearly and impress.  This blog will help you in improving your writing skills. Whether you have difficulty in writing assignments or feel nervous before sending emails, this article will guide you on how you can make your writing more constructive. The important thing is to write, whether the text is good, bad, short or long.

Woman: An Empowering Shakti

The terms ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are used symmetrically only as a matter of form, as on legal papers. But in reality the relation between the two sexes is not quite as that of two electrical poles. As Simone de Beauvoir stated, ‘Man represents both the positive and neutral’, whereas ‘woman represents only the negative, defined by limiting criteria, without reciprocity’. This division between masculinity and femininity becomes more severe in the context of Indian culture. India, often portrayed as the land of ‘devis’, is a country which is ironically unsafe for its women.

Helping Children Learn . . .

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