How Fit is Your Mind?

In today’s fast-paced world, people are racing towards competition rather than perfection.  Human minds have been replaced by Google. Screens have taken the place of books. People tend to focus on earning money while risking their health, filling their pockets with pressure and anxiety. M.K. Gandhi rightly said  ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.’

Our busy schedules have no place for happiness. This modern world seems to be a dark place which is rapidly thrusting our spirits into depression. There are fewer emotions than reactions; fewer meals than snaps of food; fewer genuine smiles than emoticons. It is hard to maintain health in an environment of chaos, negativity, and complexities, where people are constantly trying to one-up each other. More than our bodies, our minds increasingly suffer the effects of stress day by day. It is nearly impossible for people to imagine having a mentally relaxing day.

According to the data presented by a data journalism website, IndiaSpend,  almost 50 million people in India suffer from depression and anxiety.

The increase in suicide cases is also not merely a statistical graph;  it is wrapped with mental disorders which were never diagnosed or because it was hard for a victim to reveal the anguish they were going through. Mental tensions slip us into an involuntary zone of isolation. A person sitting next to you might be suffering from one or other mental disorders and you may never know it.

The problem is not in being a victim to mental pressure; rather it lies in the mentality of the society. It is often treated as a ‘special’ disease, a kind of disability. Instead of stigmatizing it, we should help our loved ones suffering from such mental disorders in seeking professional help.

“In the course of their 9 to 5 jobs, people barely take time to understand their own minds.”

Psychologists are ordinary human beings like us, who treat the disease of ‘unhappiness’. The stress and depression in our society has raised the demand for psychologists. Counseling sessions are required in one’s life to figure out the real reason behind depression and sadness. In the course of their 9 to 5 jobs, people barely take time to understand their own minds. Gone are the days when meditation was a part of our daily life. We are caught up in trying to ‘fit in’. Instead, we should focus on keeping ourselves healthy physically and mentally in these worrying times.

It’s very important to limit the habit of overthinking so that you can lessen your anxiety and prevent depression.  However, before you deal with your stress, it’s important to know the real reason behind it. Don’t let your mental burdens stay bottled up inside you. Release your frustrations, anger, and anxieties to detoxify your mind and spirit.

There are some ways which can help you cope with the pressures and stress in your life.

  • Value yourself: It’s very important for a person to understand their own worth. Society exists to judge and tag however it likes, but it’s in our hands to control how we react to things. Take up the things which you think will add value to your personality.
  • Acceptance: One of the best ways to lower your level of stress is to accept the circumstances. At times, it becomes difficult to accept reality, but when you know that you are helpless in a situation, just accept it and go with the flow. Decreasing such worries and being patient make us happier.
  • Surround yourself with good people: The idiom, ‘If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas’ states the impact of bad company on our lives. Our social circle forms the basis of our personality. Make friends who have different intellect than you. It will help you to learn more, explore more. Go out with your friends, even for a small coffee date. Going out and meeting friends helps in creating new energy and enthusiasm.Good People.jpg


  • Meditate and Exercise: It’s very important for an individual to spare at least thirty minutes for meditation and exercise. Meditation helps in relaxing our mind and in improving our concentration power. You may also try yoga. Exercise helps in decreasing stress and improving mood swings.Meditation.jpg


  • Go on a digital detox: According to research, it is believed that people who use digital gadgets and smart phones, more than a certain limit, are five times more prone to depression and stress. Hence it is advised to limit the use of digital gadgets. You may try to take a day break from all the social networking sites for a few hours to relax yourself.Digital Detox


  • Reading and writing: Reading books is considered as one of the best stress busters. There is a visible growth in the number of readers in India. People often read while travelling or in their free time. On the other hand, writing your thoughts helps in getting things out. Think of paper as your human diary which listens to and keep all your feeling safe in its heart. You may try writing a journal.
  • Engage in a creative activity: Creativity is a great solution to release all tensions. You can try different activities like painting, pot making, dancing or anything else which interests you.Creativity.jpg


  • Talk to someone: When things are not clear in your mind, it is advised to talk to someone who is close to you. Don’t keep things to yourself. When we talk to someone, our fears and emotions find an outlet. Talking is the best way to know your problems. Call a friend or go out and meet people who give you happiness.
  • Seek nature’s help: Nature is the answer to all human problems. It gives us peace. It is believed that seeing the colour green is soothing for our eyes. So, go for a morning walk – it’s the perfect time to relax, breathe in fresh air, and listen to the chirping of birds.


  • Take proper sleep: It’s very important to take proper rest and sleep. Don’t compromise on your sleeping hours. Sleep early, so that you wake up early. A powerful afternoon nap is also considered healthy for our bodies.
  • Healthy food: Eating healthy food is one the most common and helpful ways of keeping yourself fit, both physically and mentally. Try to eat more green vegetables. Keep yourself hydrated. Quite surprisingly, it is believed that chocolate helps in decreasing stress and tension. So eat chocolate, it will not only help in uplifting your mood but also satisfy your cravings.
    Healthy eating.jpg


  • Seek professional help: You should not restrain yourself from consulting a psychologist, if required. A professional psychologist is different from anyone who is related to you. You can be more honest with a person who is a stranger to you as your mind will feel secure in their presence. They will guide you on how to deal with a problem better.
  • Enjoy life: In order to overcome problems and anxieties, you need to realize that it’s okay if things are not always perfect. Just try to focus on the positive things in life, however small and come out as a warrior.


We hope that the given methods will help you in improving your lifestyle and decreasing your stress. Calm yourself. Lower your pace in this never ending world of competition. Just say  ‘All is well’ and everything will turn out in your favour. Be happy. Live your life to the fullest.

Gurleen Sethi is Executive – Marketing with Viva Books. She is a happy-go-lucky person, who believes in enjoying little things in life. Writing is her passion and a great stress buster.

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