The Best Books for Exam Prep

Exams frighten almost everyone. Fear of failure (and even fear of success) can affect even the ablest students, sometimes leaving them unable to get started.

Whatever the state of mind, a good book can do wonders to alleviate stress, help chart out a road map, manage time better, and become foresighted and sharp.

Here are some books you can read with tips to stay motivated and positive before exams.

  1. Last Minute Study Tips by Ron Fry offers a brief explanation of how to study smart, then guides you to get closer to your deadline – from months to weeks to hours to even minutes before – offering advice, face-saving tips, and tricks for salvaging any situation. Cramming isn’t ideal, but if you have no other choice, here’s how to do it effectively. Just ask the students studying for exams, writing papers and taking care of kids while working part-time to pay for expenses.

    Last MInute Study Tips.jpg

  2. Does success always belong to a select few? No. Success comes from systematic and disciplined study, and it comes to anyone who tries. Knowing yourself better is the first step. Knowing the right methods of study is next. But, for both, students need an experienced guide to advise them on what is best.  In How to Study and Succeed you will find practical tips on everything one must take care of during student life.

    How to Study and succeed.jpg

  3.  Children are often unable to handle the pressures of the education system. This can be easily overcome by learning some simple skills. Coming from an experienced child counselor, Meera Ravi, A Guide to Study Skills contains the essential motivation that will help remove all the mental blocks that a child faces.

    A guide to study skills.jpg

  4. Far removed from the outdated read-and revise model, Study Skills by John Kennedy gives practical advice on how to develop the key techniques for successful study at all levels. It identifies the different types of skills required – from writing to summarizing to planning – and outlines ways to master them. Additional sections include case studies and oral presentation.Study Skills.jpg


Saloni Sacheti, Manager – Marketing, Viva Books

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