Enjoy Summer Vacations Productively

Our world is changing rapidly. Modern society is replacing joint families with small nuclear ones. Nowadays, both parents are opting for a job, which leaves children under the care of housemaids. This lets children do whatever they like. They have become more comfortable in their houses. Rather than stepping out and exploring outdoor activities, kids prefer video games, television and smartphones. These gadgets have become the new toys for modern children.

In this environment, summer vacations have become a period of lethargy for school children. Rather than learning and doing productive activities, children waste their time on electronic gadgets.  It is a stressful for parents as they do not know what might be the best way to keep their children active during this time.

This summer vacation, encourage your children to do productive activities which will not only enhance their knowledge but will also help them to inculcate good values.

Here are some ideas which will help you keep your children occupied during this summer break:

  1. Go Green with Gardening: Teach your children toBlog Image Pnt 1.jpg plant a tree or a flower. Teach them about the importance of plants and gardening and their consequences for the future of environment. Tell your kids how their efforts will benefit our society in the coming years. They will thank you for teaching this beautiful lesson in the future.



  1. Volunteering in NGO: Sharing is always caring. Encourage your children to help the people who need it. You can ask them to donate their old clothes or books to underprivileged kids. One of the more productive ways of spending time during summer vacation is to take your children to an old age home or to an orphanage to spend time with the people there. Get them goodies that your children can distribute in the organizations.


  1. Join Co-Curricular Activity: Activities outside studies are a must in a student’s life. Ask your child about their interests and enroll them in some classes like dance, theatre or music. These activities will not only brush up your children’s skills but will also help in developing their intellect, emotions and self-esteem. However, for this you should genuinely choose what interests your child and not impose your own preferences.

Blog Image Pnt 3

  1. Fitness is Must: These days children prefer junk food more than homemade food, which is making them unhealthy. Ask your kids to explore outdoor games like cycling, cricket and football. It will make them follow a healthier schedule and increase their fitness. There is nothing better than yoga, which will also maintain the mental health of your child.

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  1. Family Trip: Parents often believe that taking children on trips is a complete waste of time and money. But contrary to this belief, trips help children rejuvenate and study more efficiently. Organizing trips will also keep your kids close to family and make them understand the importance of family. You can take them to a zoo, water park or any other place of their interest.

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  1. Reading: Guide your kids to spend at least half an hour in reading. Instilling the habit of reading at a young age will bear good results in the future. Ask them to read any comic, novel or book, other than their course book. This will help in improving their written English and verbal skills. You can ask them to read a newspaper as well, it will help in enhancing their general knowledge.

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  1. Counseling: These days we often hear about cases of child abuse. Make sure that you counsel your kids about these things. Teach the difference between ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. Summer vacations are the best time to tell your children about these things as they have a good amount of time to listen and understand them.


  1. Self-Defense:  As we all understand the importance of self-defense, ensure that your children learn some practical skills. Either enroll them for self-defense classes or teach them at home. Summer vacations are the best time for children to learn how to protect themselves when they are alone.Blog Image Pnt 7


  1. Studying: More than any other thing, focusing on studies is a must. Make sure that your kids devote some time on the subjects in which they are weak. Help them in completing their holiday homework.


  1. Get Ready for School: Lastly, summer vacation is ultimately for one and a half months and is sure to come to an end. Let your children sleep, eat and have fun in their own way during this time. The little ones deserve some fun before they get back to school.

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We hope that these ideas will help you make this summer break special for your kids. Pamper them and have a fun-filled vacation.

Please share your fun-filled summer break ideas in the comment section below.


Gurleen Sethi is Executive – Marketing with Viva Books. Writing is her passion which keeps her high with energy. Other than writing, she enjoys reading. More than realistic books, she prefers fictitious one. Her all-time favorite writer is none other than William Shakespeare.  


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