A brief gist—‘How to Study and Succeed’— authored by Mukhopadhyay Suvasish

How to Study & Succeed.jpg

In this digital-savvy universe, young minds represent the world of professionalism. Everyone is in a rush to climb the ladder of victory. But only a few know that to reach the end of the road to success you don’t need to run but walk with an intelligent mind.

Mukhopadhyay Suvasish, Indian author and civil engineer unearths the path of success forhis readers in his book titled ‘How to Study and Succeed’. The book is an anthology of Suvasish’s teaching experiences and the problems he faced doing so. He not only performs the role of a teacher but also acts as a motivational energy that stands behind his students and encourages them to never give up. Essential tips are also given on how to organize student’s sleeping hours.

Suvasish starts his book by stating ten golden rules for every student, emphasizing ‘practice makes perfect’. They also include formation of groups by students, so that they can exchange thoughts and views and hold group discussions. In the book the author gives importance to communication. For him communication not only gives an air of confidence to an individual, but also encourages him to be social and develop professional and personal contacts. Suvasish also guides his readers to maintain a healthy friend circle. He says that a person can learn a lot from his friends and that the ‘friend circle acts as a catalyst in a student’s life’. Our friends are the ones who are responsible for injecting good/bad thoughts in our minds. Our social circle acts as an energy which transforms our character and personality. How to study.jpg

Mukhopadhyay Suvasish also talks about time management in examination, giving us the idea of smart learning. He recommends students to attempt the long questions first to attain success. Suvasish makes the point that it is better for students to attempt what is already fresh in mind than waste time on those questions which are not. He emphasizes not only on working hard but learning in a given time frame. He tells students to make notes of their doubts, revise the chapters taught in class, and asks them to attend all the lectures, especially the first one. If the introductory class is missed, then students won’t be able to understand the technicalities of the subject. He also tells his readers to avoid stress with exercise and meditation which prepares them for challenges.

Mukhopadhyay Suvasish gives glimpses of his personal teaching experience, quoting instances from his own life. Acting as a father figure, Suvashish guides his students from the classroom to the interview room, suggesting ways to achieve lasting success in life.

Click on the link to start your walk to success http://bit.ly/2F3xszY



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