A Day to Remember — 14th November: A Turning Point in Raghu’s Life

14 November was a regular day in Raghu’s life, who studied in Class 5. Lazy Raghu, who disliked going to school, started his day with a glass of milk and some almonds. His mother dressed him in a clean white uniform with neatly polished white shoes. He fought with his mother as usual when she saw him off to school.

picture child 1

Everyone wished Miss Malini a good morning as she entered the class. The little ones always cherished the voice of their favourite class teacher, Miss Malini Iyer. She was a person of high morals, a teacher who truly fit the term ‘guru’. As the hustle and bustle of the morning hour ended, Miss Malini started the day by wishing her students a happy Children’s Day. Miss Malini familiarized her pupils with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, also known as ‘Chacha Nehru’. During the teacher’s lecture, Raghu was distracted with the Spider Man pencil box which his father had gifted to him. As the bell rang, Miss Malini instructed her students to follow her in a disciplined manner and she took them to the auditorium for the Children’s Day celebrations.


The auditorium had an ambience of celebration and enthusiasm. The little participants were rehearsing their poems on Chacha Nehru. A function which narrated the story of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was organized by the school. Its aim was to make the children realize how important they are for the future of India. Raghu never enjoyed listening to knowledgeable talks and functions, so he did not pay attention. For him these events were ideal for an hour of soulful chatting with friends. The Children’s Day celebrations ended with beautiful performances, after which the young participants were given gifts.


While coming back from school, Raghu took his usual route to where the school buses were waiting for students. On the path, Raghu saw a girl selling pens and other stationery items. He could not understand why she was working at an age when he was playing. He always thought that it was the parents’ duty to provide their children with luxurious gifts and clothes. Raghu waited there, staring curiously at the girl. He saw her attending to a few customers but in between she was writing something in a notebook. He could see that she was doing her homework. Watching this, Raghu thought about his own life.

girl selling pen

As the bus arrived at Raghu’s house, his mother was waiting for him. She started asking about his day at school and the celebrations but he didn’t answer. After having lunch, Raghu quietly left for his tuition. After that day, lazy Raghu turned into a hard working child. On Children’s Day, little Raghu realized the importance of education and the presence of parents in his life. This changed Raghu’s perspective towards life forever.

Children- last


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