A Glint of a Viv-awesome Diwali

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In the heart of a digital-savvy world, where fingers have become pens and hundreds and thousands of books are at your pleasure just a click away, is a yet another world: A small lot with a lot of love for the magic called books – books reign in their paradise! Their collection finds place not only in their closets but also in their hearts! To them, the smell of books, old or new, is sheer happiness! A life with books, for them, is a life of serenity. These are ‘Vivans’, from the world of books we know as ‘Viva’!

Besides working as professionals and mentors, the people here at Viva have created a world of their own, away from home yet a ‘family’. Working here is a treat for these ‘bibliophiles’. Birthday celebrations or big events, Vivans fill the ambience with joy and harmony. Even the walls here can tell stories of happiness and oneness. True to its Latin meaning, Vivans have a ‘living voice’ inside them, which makes even working and pressure great fun! It is this undying spirit that has made Viva succeed and prosper in the world of business. Smiling faces illuminate the festivities even further. Whether it’s the festival of colours or the festival of lights, Vivans celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

In India, festivals hold great importance. They not only bring traditions and rituals but also an air of excitement and rejuvenation, and Diwali tops the list of festivals! There is newness every year, which makes Diwali diyas more illuminating and Diwali pujas more peace-giving. Vibrant colours of the rangoli makes the Viva offices look more aesthetic. Assistant General Manager, Marketing, Ms Sangeeta Datta, got nostalgic while sharing her 14 years of Diwali experience at Viva. Being an Assamese, she takes great interest in Viva Diwali pooja. She laughed, recalling the rituals of the pooja, and said ‘I especially like the time when we are all gathered together and move around in a circle many times around the idol of god, chanting prayers which rise in crescendo with everybody joining in with gusto.’

Fragrance of fresh yellow flowers send greetings to those near and dear. The colourful, beautiful attires worn by Vivan ladies make the atmosphere even livelier. Senior Marketing Executive, Yamini Kaushik, who has been working with Viva for the last four years, got excited while reminiscing about the games organized for the Diwali function. She said ‘We all look forward to the lucky dip wherein a lot of us win cash prizes, huge hampers of nuts, crockery, bed linen, glassware – I remember one even getting a suitcase – and decoration pieces.’ Happy-go-lucky, Ms Kaushik comes every year. She explained the importance of the festival, describing the bond they share with each other. She further said that ‘Everyone comes for the occasion, many with their children and spouses in tow. It is an occasion where the entire members of the Viva get together and get to know each other better.’

Diwali at Viva is no less than a jamboree for people working here. ‘I always wait for Diwali to come’, said Mrs Saloni Sacheti, Marketing Manager. Working in Viva has been a great experience for her, but attending Diwali functions is the reimbursement of her hard work and dedication. Being a person who believes in socializing, Mrs Saloni associated these Diwali functions with an hour of healthy interaction with colleagues. She added, ‘Diwali in Viva is all glimmer and full of mirth. We all get dressed up for the small-bean feast hosted by our MD Mr Vinod Vasistha on the day before Diwali. All those inter-departmental chirps and chatters make Diwali at Viva even more special. We all come together as family to celebrate this festival of light and joy, every year.’

‘Soulful songs of Mr Pradeep Kumar (Vice President – Marketing) are even enjoyable at the Diwali function.’ This is what Mr Sreetilak S. has to say about Diwali at Viva. Vice President –Publishing, Mr Sreetilak always cherishes the celebrations at Viva.

Being of a humorous disposition, Mr Narendera Kumar, Manager – Digital Operations, enjoys the celebrations even more. He giggled while sharing his tambola experience; he said ‘I never forget the way Mr Pradeep Kumar announces the numbers.’ He said that Mr Pradeep makes the games and celebrations even more enjoyable. He added that Mr Pradeep is a person of great humour. ‘Unlucky number 13, but lucky for some’ – that’s how Mr Pradeep’s one liners make the game even more interesting.

Vivans’ Diwali is full of delightful stories and fun. But the story of Viva’s helper Mr Dharma is even more interesting. For him, Diwali is Viva people, enjoying the soulful voices of Viva employees at Diwali function. Dharma bhaiya is everyone’s favourite in the office. Any help you need or want to fetch something from the shops nearby, Dharma bhaiya is always around! He has been working with us for the last four years. He’s been away from his hometown in Uttarakhand, but has felt no less than home being here with us. Decorating the Viva offices and enjoying the function, he easily becomes one with all of us!

This is just a glimpse of a Viv-awesome Diwali. Many stories still remain untold, but, as we all know, this would be never-ending – it will go on and on! Engross yourself into the stories and enjoy the festival of great happiness. We wish our all readers a very happy Diwali. Have a ‘Read-ful’ Diwali!


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