Did You know? 4: Further 500 Facts Revealed: A Review

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Any discourse on power is incomplete without addressing its strong relationship with knowledge. Today, knowledge has become synonymous with power. It is like that raging wildfire that burns the woodland of ignorance. Moumita Das and Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh have contributed to this knowledge by launching the fourth volume of Did You know? 4: Further 500 Facts Revealed. The first three volumes of Das and Ghosh’s book have been appreciated by readers and critics across the nation. What makes the latest volume interesting is not only the originators’ idea of revealing what has been mostly unexplored, but also their effort to discover facts from each and every discipline and genre.

Expect the unexpected – that is what Did You Know? 4: Further 500 Facts Revealed is all about. Moumita Das and Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh have brought together creativity and strategy, to maintain the reader’s curiosity till the end of this volume.

Most of us are aware of the vogue called the ‘social media’. ‘If one’s ideas are gaining popularity on social media, then they’re no less than the trend of the era. Professional or personal, everything goes live on social media. But do we know that even Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were once hacked and his passwords were ‘dadada’?

Yahoo, as we all know, is one of the basic web-services providers, but the strange fact is Yahoo is the acronym for ‘Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’, and was coined by David Filo and Jerry Yang, PhD students at Stanford University.

Moumita Das and Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh have worked like hunters – there is no fact which goes unnoticed. They have not only contributed in discovering the hidden, but have also attempted to dig into the past. Who knew that our first President and a man of principles, Dr Rajendra Prasad, took only 25 per cent of his salary at the end of his tenure? The President’s salary during his period was Rs 10,000!

The fourth and latest volume of the series brings to us facts about things that are around us, yet remain far from our knowledge. Bluetooth – the technology with which we connect our devices to communicate data – is a word we are very familiar with. Yet how many of us know that it is named after a Danish King? In the comfort of our drawing rooms the only thing on which our fingers rest on is TV remote control, but we barely knew that TV remote control was once called ‘lazybones’!

In the study of genders we often talk about the hierarchy between men and women – how one is different from the other. But Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh, a retired professor from Indira Gandhi National Open University, and Moumita Das, Assistant Director at the National Center for Innovation in Distance Education, reveal that even the positioning of shirt buttons makes men different from women.

These are some from a sea of facts that Did You know? 4: Further 500 Facts Revealed has to offer to its readers. The book is the latest volume of a series by the Das–Ghosh duo, which is amazing and appeasing enough to satiate one’s desire for knowledge.

Did You Know? 4, as well as the others in the series, is now available for purchase. Happy Reading!

Did You Know 1: (http://bit.ly/28AAwMQ)

Did You Know 2: (http://bit.ly/1WPuGUb)

Did You Know 3: (http://bit.ly/2wxUj5H)

Did You Know 4: (http://bit.ly/2haXqcQ)




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