Language Activities for Better Learning


Every child is unique, they possess their own learning and grasping power. But one thing that is common among all is the curiosity to discover new things. Learning can turn into a lot more fun when it is taken outside four-walled room — English language learning for a multilingual child is no different.

Research has shown that children begin to understand language ever since they are born and try to grasp every expression they come across. Their learning ability increases when they are exposed to intriguing and challenging activities.

Very little we knew, introducing oneself with correct body language is a daunting task. But introducing this task as an activity would help a child at developing one’s verbal skill. Taking this to another level, it is important to introduce vocabulary building through Physical Association; this helps at being aware of one’s physical self and surrounding, especially when frequent clapping, physical movement and postures are actively involved.

To mention a few activities as an example:  a teacher can expose the students to an open playground and ask them to stand in a straight line, leaving the space of their arm length between them. Another game that is quite common among parents and teachers is “touch your nose”, where a child is expected to touch every object that has been commanded to them.

As we have seen above how to inculcate language learning ability in a child through various activities — this process of learning can be taken to another level to understand the complex sentence making, efficient language and grammar usage.

You can uncover many such different games about how to bring positive change to the regular learning process for children with our book, “Let’s Play English: Activities for Language Teaching” by Mr. Braj Mohan.

Book Title: Let’s Play English: Activities for Language Teaching

ISBN: 9789386385529

Author: Braj Mohan

Publisher: Viva Books Private Limited

Price: Rs. 295.00


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