Book Review (HT City): Healing The Future

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Book Review: Healing the Future

The newest version of Healing the Future manages to impress from the word go. The rewritten content delivers content on a much higher level than the previous version.Author Deepak Kashyap explains the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads with such intelligence, going through every layer, and showing just how deeply linked they are to modern day Quantum mechanics, mind-matter unity, parapsychology and the probabilistic nature of the world.

The book also draws parallels with our daily life through this Yoga classic.One can easily say, that if there is even a spark of spirituality inside you, the book will definitely make it grow into a full-fledged fire. It is not only spirituality that the book focusses on, but also serves as a self-help guide, which at times reflects the teachings that the author received from his Guru.

What the book does, more than anything, is that it helps one find themselves in the mundane clamour of daily life and aids them into becoming the best version of themselves (or at least guides them on the path for it). The easy and smart writing will not bore the readers and might just prove to be a journey that they wished to take all along, but couldn’t due to some reason. All in all, this one is a must read and is recommended for anyone with a spiritual bend.

Title: Healing  The Future- The Journey Within
ISBN:9789386385406 (Paperback)
Author: Deepak Kashyap
Publisher: Viva Books
Price: Rs 525.00

Click here to view the article.


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